Sunday, June 29, 2008


For a long while, I thought maybe there weren’t any proper hipsters in Atlanta. I speak of the blasé, vintage-ruffled-shirt-wearing, retarded-rock & roll-haircut-sporting, kitsch-fixated, low-brow art and music connoisseurs one finds commonly at Echo Park house parties or Eagle Rock garage sales. Along with perhaps London, Tokyo, New York and San Francisco, L.A. is one of the capitals of hipsterdom.

But one evening, my wife and I went to a Planet of the Apes themed art opening at The Gallery in East Atlanta, which is attached to a tattoo parlor. As we looked for a parking space, I commented that this seemed like an event where we might encounter our first hipsters in Atlanta. To our infinite surprise, the place, which was packed with rockabilly tattooed lamesters and the usual Pabst beer six-pack drinking chubby blonde girls, was also awash with bonafide hipsters, gals with fashionably nerdy glasses and fellas sporting know-it-all grins. It reminded us of openings at La Luz de Jesus in Los Feliz. Mind you, people were not as old, wrinkled, and fuckin’ scary looking at this opening as they are under La Luz’s harsh lighting, but the art (humorous Planet of the Apes themed hipster art), the free cheap beer and wine and almost everything else was dead-on. There was even a burlesque act with gals dressed in banana outfits, which seemed La Luz, even if it wasn’t. So, there are hipsters in Atlanta we discovered, even if we were too shy to talk to anyone, and find out for sure about what sort of record collections they had. There must be anarchists, atheists, Cacophonists, Satanists, alterna-Jews, dachshund fanciers and other weirdos in Atlanta too. I will report so here when I next stumble upon them.

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Sheryl said...

Too funny!!! Yeah, the openings at La Luz are crazy. I've been to a couple. There are a LOT of aging wrinkled painfully-on-purposely odd looking art creeps, but I still wouldn't turn down an opening there if they accepted my paintings!