Sunday, April 3, 2011


In decrepit little Southern towns, where one is lucky to find a Piggly Wiggly, independent markets and somewhat obscure or small chains have taken up the slack, selling food where no one else will set up business. This is a photographic tribute to these markets and their canned spaghetti.

Triangle Foods (Rockmart, GA)

No doubt, you want triangle shaped eggs and triangular cuts of Boston pork butt. If so, this would be the market for you, Mr. Trigonometrist.

Winn Dixie (Mobile, AL)

For the love of Dixie, please buy your pork rinds here.

Webb's (Locust Grove, GA)

Meats, produce, old toothpaste

Wayfield (Lithonia, GA)

Wayfield makes me wanna cry.

Food Lion (Cartersville, GA)

When the food lion roars, a whole universe of food shakes in its boots.

Lucky's (Menlo, GA)

Absolutely no loitering on this parking lot, ya dirty English swine.

Lord's Galaxy Food Center (Union Point, GA)

The Lord does smileth down upon the Galaxy Food Center for it doth accept EBT.

Go Grocery Outlet (Marion, NC)

Go and shop somewhere else, if you don't want vegetables that smell like 7-up.

Foodworld (Mobile, AL)

A world of frozen peas.

Food Tiger (Mobile, AL)

Is its roar as loud as that of the Food Lion?

Food Giant (Scottsboro, AL)

Dinosaur-sized carrots and 8-foot-tall bags of chips

Quality Foods (Monroe, GA)

One of the few markets pictured here making any sort of case for quality, at least in their name, over savings.

Food Lion (Jefferson N.C.)

The Food Lion sign is almost always red. I found this aqua blue version of the Food Lion sign to be irrepressibly sexy.

S&H Super Market (Adairsville, GA)

Even the frozen foods are crying out for help at S&H Super Market.

Bottom Dollar Food (Mt. Airy, GA)

A lot of markets sell themselves solely on their cheapness.

J&J Foods (Gainesville, GA)

The best choice for canned vegietables anywhere!

Shop Rite (Jasper, TN)

Shop wrong.

Supreme Foods Market (Haysville, NC)

Perhaps the foods weren't supreme.