Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Trampoline in Gay, GA

While they may seem like an amusement from earlier times when child safety was a futuristic concept, trampolines remain quite popular in the South. All over rural Georgia, you’ll find them in front yards usually with no net for protection. According to some study I found online, there were 91,870 hospital emergency room treated injuries associated with trampolines in 2001, 30% of them were fractures. I guess trampolines are fun to some degree, but a bit outdated like the playgrounds of my youth that featured large metal rockets enticing children to climb them and fall hard on them.

My wooden boy is gonna enjoy his trampoline and them rocks won't hurt him none 'cause he made of wood

Serene, rural trampoline in Rockmart

Protectin' the kids in Asheville, NC

Partially protectin' the kids if they bounce in the right direction. However, if they hit the tree...

trampoline near Blue Ridge Parkway, NC

Let's put it near the highway and next to that tree. After all, we have so many dang kids.

mini-trampoline in Grant Park

Blue is a common color for trampolines. This must be the Wal-Mart brand.

Actual children playing on a trampoline on Jonesboro Rd. in Atlanta

Child in mid-air on trampoline. Of the hundreds of trampolines I've spotted all over, I have only twice witnessed children playing on them.