Sunday, May 20, 2012


The American South and Europe have nothing in common really. But a dilapidated building or an unusual bug in Italy or Switzerland looks very much the same as those in Georgia. Look, see, here.

Trampolines can be universally dangerous.
Things fall down and get overun by plant life in Italy too.

ATVs have become popular in Italy. Rather than possums, there are wild boar to run over or hunt with a crossbow.

Now, I know where to park.
Abandoned farm houses are common in the Tuscan countryside, though a little sexier than those in Alabama, if you ask me.

There are bugs here too, though really not so many. I don't miss them much.
These Swiss kids are having a very safe trampoline experience and will live to become bankers without major head injuries.
Liberty architecture is not so far off from Victorian.

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chucklesklown said...

haaaaaaaa this one cracked me up. now you know where to park, and those swiss kids are safe on their trampoline. i can sleep tonight!