Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Listening to Georgia Public Radio the other day, my wife caught a story which was a list of safe suggestions for Thanksgiving, which can get so out of control I guess. One of these suggestions was not to fry the turkey in a pot of oil. I had never heard of or imagined this idea of fried turkey. While normal turkey is fairly disgusting and frying it couldn't make it any worse, it seems like an all-around cockamamie idea to fry something as large as a turkey. But I live in the South now and I guess I should try and get used to the idea of small mammals, fairly large birds and even medium-sized humanoids being deep-fried. Happy Thanksgiving, my Bejesus-lovin', gravy-simmering, Jew-frying neighbors.


Chuckles said...

deep fried turkey is fairly common. i went out to a farm house in turlock a few thanksgivings ago, and in the yard in a big cooker, the turkey was boiling in peanut oil. it apparently makes it 'real juicy.'

Chuckles said...

it's not deep fried as in battered persay

Chuckles said...

boil that tofurkey in oil next time! on the porch.