Thursday, September 4, 2008


North of Gainesville, GA, there’s an aging, not completely forgotten, but hardly thriving road, the Old Cornelia Highway, which was once the main route from Atlanta to South Carolina. When the interstate was built nearby, this humble, country byway began its rapid decline. Towns on the old road such as Lula seem to have sunk back into the earth.

The infinite sadness of Downtown Lula

Church in Mt. Airy, GA

Once a Gas Station

The Lord commands ye to buy a trampoline for thine children

Cornelia, Home of the Big, Red Apple

no gas here either

Sir, you need to move yer truck!
(this is pretty far from the highway)

tiny rural barbershop

James Town has seen better days

These dang Ten Commandments are everywhere, on suburban lawns, in front of messed-up lookin' stores. Thou shalt not litter the Earth with dumb-ass cardboard signs bearing dated biblical schmuckdom.

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